The American Academy of Pediatrics points out that talcum powders can cause breathing problems and serious lung damage for babies if they inhale the particles. This is particularly true when using talc-based baby powders with their small, easily inhaled dust-like particles. Since it is almost impossible to keep powder out of the air when you’re using it on your baby, the wisest option is to avoid talc-based powders altogether and seek safer plant-based options or liquid talcs made from plant ingredients.


Another, more serious, effect of using talcum powder is talcosis. Talcosis is a respiratory disorder caused by the inhalation of talcum powder which can result in long-term respiratory issues that can become fatal.


The talc, when inhaled by a baby, dries the mucous membranes causing some breathing problems. It can also cause acute or chronic lung irritation which can eventually lead to your child’s airways being blocked. Some even say that pneumonia can occur when there is a respiratory failure caused by breathing in talc.


The same goes for older children; the talc particles can cause some irritation when inhaled and can lead to other health problems in the future.


Yet another effect is skin irritations. Since talc-based baby powders dry the skin, this can cause irritations to an infant’s skin which is incredibly sensitive, or if your baby has other skin issues like eczema.